June 19, 2020 10 minutes read   by Vitalii Vystavnyi
How to Hire a Dedicated Development Team in Ukraine? How to Hire a Dedicated Development Team in Ukraine?

The modern world gives large enterprises and small startups a variety of options for finding experts around the globe. You can hire several remote developers to work on your project and manage them by yourself. You can opt for outsourcing and have some particular departments of your company in other countries. Or you can get a dedicated development team in Ukraine that will cover all needs of your project at an affordable price.

Ukraine is a well-known technology hub where international IT companies can find experienced software coders with rare sets of skills. There are several reasons why Ukraine has become a European Silicon Valley, an affordable hourly rate of Ukrainian technical specialists being only one of them.

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What attracts investors and international companies to the Ukrainian labor market is the immense growth of the IT industry in the country. In 2018, there were more than 185,000 IT specialists in Ukrainian cities, and in 2020 this number has hit 220,000 engineers, developers, quality assurance managers, HRs, PMs, and other experts busy in the IT-sphere. We can see the same dramatic growth in terms of the incomes of the IT market. In 2015, the industry revenue composed $2,7 billion and in 2020, the number is 5,4 billion US dollars. Today, the export of IT services takes third place among the main goods of Ukraine, just after the agricultural business and mining, with the IT-sphere composing 3,3% of the Ukrainian gross domestic product.

Keep reading to understand why the Ukrainian market of engineers is considered one of the most proficient in the world, why the Californian startups decide to hire teams in Ukraine, and why outstaffing is the best option for companies from the US, Europe, and Israel who want to get the excellent services at an affordable price.

Benefits of Hiring Dedicated Developers

First of all, let’s find out why hiring a Ukrainian dedicated development team is a better option than the relocation of your product owners to the country where your outstaffing office operates or searching for remote specialists or freelancers yourself.

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The larger pool of specialists. 

When we talk about the countries that export their IT services, in most cases, production companies on the domestic market are less popular among specialists than the projects of international enterprises which decided to opt for outstaffing. The reason is clear: the clients from the Western European countries and the US offer better wages and the developers choose to work for them. This means that when you hire developers in developing countries like Ukraine, your enterprise gets access to the most talented engineers at a fair price.

If you live in a country with a constant shortage of IT specialists, like the USA, outstaffing or searching for online freelancers are your only options. When you decide to go abroad with your need for experts, you receive more offers than you would by staying in your domestic market. 


Countries vary by their GDP and salary expectations of specialists living there vary as well. As a small startup or a company with the not excessive income, you win from this inequality. The cost for IT specialists with vast experience but living in Asia or countries of Eastern Europe is more moderate comparing to the salaries of experts from the technology hubs of the United States, the European Union, or Israel.

Ready-to-operate team. 

When you opt for outstaffing, you can ask your contractor to hire IT specialists for you. As a rule, it takes a reliable partner up to one month to find a team of dedicated specialists for your project.

Every aspect of your business is covered. 

Along with the hiring process, reliable contractors like Flytika cover the accounting and other aspects of labor-management relations for you. To make sure that you get a team of experts who will work on your project for an extended period of time, your contractor should do the onboarding and keep the loyalty and dedication of your remote team. This is what trustworthy outstaffing partners do and you shouldn’t agree on less.

Financial transparency is the key to success

The benefits mentioned above are true only when your partner is transparent and shows you where your money goes. To get the most from hiring a team dedicated to your project, choose outstaffing partners that clearly state the contractor’s fee and the hourly rates of experts they hire and won’t surprise you with hidden payments. The guarantee of financial transparency is something you should look for in your partner as the business that decides to hire IT specialists abroad.

Advantages of Ukraine among Other Countries

There are several reasons why investors around the world decide to hire a dedicated team in Ukraine, instead of any other country. One of the reasons is that both the hour zones and the cultural background are compared to those of Western Europe and the USA (the main investors in the Ukrainian IT market). However, there are two other major reasons why Ukrainian engineers are favored by international IT companies.

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The Quality: Ukraine IT Market Overview

Being one of the post-Soviet countries, Ukraine has a strong educational system when it comes to STEM disciplines like mathematics and computer development. For sure, there are no such universities as MIT in the country, however, the specialists from the Lviv and the Kyiv Polytechnical Institutes are highly appreciated even in Silicon Valley. Four out of one hundred of Ukrainian developers have the skills and the experience level compared to those of the California successful startups engineers.

The number of IT specialists grows every month as being one of the most well-paid spheres, IT attract young people all over the country. The demand for knowledge leads to the growing offer. Today, more than 100 schools in Ukraine provide job retraining for both high-school students and people from other spheres who decided to change their occupations.

Talking about startups invested by the international investors and the domestic IT companies, Ukraine definitely has a talent in this sphere. Among the main “unicorns” of the Ukrainian IT, these companies should be mentioned: GitLab, with $268 million of investments in 2019, Grammarly, that today is popular all around the globe, Ajax Systems, and Liki24.com. Large international enterprises like Samsung, Cisco, IBM, and Atlassian have their research and development offices in Ukraine as well. 

The Price: Cost-Efficiency

According to the domestic statistics of 2019, Ukrainian IT specialists are paid from $500 to $5000 per month, with software developers being in the middle of this range with salaries from $1500 to $3000 per month. These wages are higher than the average salary in the country, however, compared to the salaries of the specialists of the same level in other countries of Eastern Europe (like Poland, the Chech Republic, or Hungary), let alone the USA, they are much lower. 

The affordability and professionalism of Ukrainian engineers dramatically increase the demand for their services among international companies. And still, the Ukrainian IT continues to grow and welcomes new investors and companies which decide to settle their R&D offices in the country.


Ukrainian Dedicated Development Team Service Providers List

There are many outsourcing and outstaffing companies that can help your business to hire a Ukrainian dedicated team for your project. We would like to mention these leaders on the market. They stick to international labor practices, offer their employees high wages, and provide their clients with high-quality service.

  1. SoftServe
  2. EPAM
  3. Global Logic
  4. Infopulse
  5. Luxoft
  6. Flytika
  7. DataArt
  8. Intellias
  9. Ciklum
  10. Sigma Software

How to Hire a Dedicated Development Team in Ukraine?


  1. Decide what you need. Are you going to relocate one of your executives to Ukraine to take care of your project on place or you want to delegate management of your team to your partner? What kind of expertise should your developers have? What is your budget? These questions will help you to provide your contractor with precise demands for your future dream-team.
  2. Find a reliable contractor. The best way to make sure that your project is in the right hands is to take a look at the testimonials of your partner. Check out the portfolio of the company you’re about to work with.  Double-check that the company of your choice provides some crucial guarantees, including total financial transparency.
  3. Stay connected. Make sure that your contractor has hired the best applicants by checking them out for yourself. Visit your new team in the Ukrainian office. Ask questions about the working process and the time estimates of major tasks. This is your choice of how connected you want to stay and how much time you want to dedicate to communication with your remote team.

Why Flytika?

Flytika helps its clients with all the working processes when it comes to hiring developers.

  1. We hire the best experts according to the demands of your project. You can give the hiring process to our HR experts in full or you can choose to participate in it.
  2. We provide onboarding for the newcomers which helps us to compose a working unit, a team that understands the needs of your project and is ready to share your principles as a business.
  3. We manage your team and provide fast and efficient communication between the developers and the product owners of your business. 
  4. We make sure that our cooperation corresponds to the law. We promise to stick to your labor principles and take care of your team.

Our Key Competencies

Among the main spheres of our expertise are the following: 

  • Research and development services
  • Web software development
  • Mobile application development
  • Quality assurance and software testing
  • Medical software development
  • Creative design and content development

Our Key Differences

  1. We provide our clients with transparent financial and working reports. 
  2. We are affordable: the average hourly rate of our software developers varies from $35 to $45 per hour which depends on their skills and experience. 
  3. Our fee for hiring and managing your team of dedicated developers is relatively low.
  4. More than 14 years of experience in the market has shown us what makes our clients happy and we try to increase our expertise every day.

Our Hiring Cases

Among our clients are companies from the USA, Israel, and Western Europe. With our dedicated staff of more than 80 experienced specialists, we provided our full or partial expertise to these companies:

  • Change Healthcare, the large medicine-related project
  • Gett, the application for taxi drivers
  • SimpleOrder, the application for the HoReCa segment
  • Better Chains, the development of the corporate application
  • VATBox, the project for VAT recovery and tax compliance
  • Smupp, the confidential communication platform 
  • Satellite App, the application to book your rides


Hiring a dedicated team of Ukrainian developers is one of the best options for large enterprises and small startups in 2020. According to multiple research, the quality of services provided by outstaffing companies in Ukraine is high, when the salary expectations are low, especially when compared to the US and other Eastern European countries. The similar cultural background and close time zones make cooperation between American, European, or Israelian companies and its Ukrainian counterpart even more comfortable.

To make sure that you get all the best from hiring a team of developers in Ukraine and avoid the possible pitfalls, take your time to choose a reliable partner. Flytika offers you its help in hiring, operating, and managing your remote team of dedicated developers, and guarantees both high quality of service and financial transparency. 

Your dream team of expert developers is waiting for you. Don’t delay and contact us today to get professional assistance with your project.