Get a team of top-picked tech specialists who can help to develop your website, application, or set up the infrastructure for your company.

Advantages you get from a dedicated software development team

Have a brilliant business idea but lack resources to implement it? Need a developer with specific expertise to expand your own team but don’t have time to hire one? Whether you own a small startup or a huge enterprise and want to attract top talents to work on your web or mobile app— a dedicated software development team is right what you need. Here’re the benefits you get from hiring one with our help:

  1. Access to the best engineers with at least a bachelor’s or master’s degree in computer science. Each of them has 3+ years of hands-on experience in his or her specialization.
  2. Fast diving into your project thanks to our 18-year background in matching businesses of any size with software teams that are dedicated to them.
  3. Saved time on recruiting and onboarding. You don’t need to look for a suitable employee or a team of developers — our skilled recruiters will do everything to ensure you get the best ones.
  4. Full integration with your company’s infrastructure. You get a team that is assigned to your project and focuses on complying with your requirements. We can also arrange a branded workspace for them to keep up with your corporate culture and team spirit.
  5. Reduced costs as we cover all the operational expenses you might have. Also, you save both time and money on hiring the right people.
  6. Fair pricing with no hidden fees. We strive for maximum transparency, so you don’t get any unexpected extra charges from us. The price includes only a paycheck to the engineers and a commission for our services.
  7. Quick scalability that can help you reduce the number of people on your core team and vice versa, expand it with dedicated software development team to get more experts who specialize in additional technologies.

How we hire dedicated software developers

Usually, it takes us from 3 to 5 weeks to create a dedicated team for your software development, depending on how large you want it to be, the specialization of the engineers, and any other preferences you may have. We cover all the stages of hiring a development team for you, starting with pre-screening and ending with the support of all operational activities instead of you. You can also choose to actively participate in each stage, as we strive to make the whole staffing process as transparent as possible.

Stage #1: Searching for candidates and choosing the best ones

You come up with your project, and we discuss the basics like how many people you need, your requirements, what collaboration model is more preferable for you, etc.

Right after that, we start picking people from our database or searching for suitable talents on the major software development portals to form a dedicated team, tailored specifically to your needs. To ensure the candidates are the right choice, we pre-screen those whose tech skills match your job description.

Stage #2: Recruiting relevant developers

Our recruiters and team leads meet with the selected candidates’ to verify their technical and interpersonal skills.

After that, you can interview prequalified specialists to decide whether they will suit your dedicated software development team. Further on, we send job offers only to the developers you’ve provided positive feedback about.

Stage #3: Onboarding 

Like with in-house teams, people on dedicated software teams also need some time to get used to new colleagues and projects. To cut down on the accommodation time, we take care of your staff onboarding

Our HR specialists help the newcomers to settle into the new job so that they could fully concentrate on your project and blend in with your corporate culture. To help them feel they are a part of your company, we can even provide your dedicated team with a separate branded office, equipment, and stationery.

We also hold regular performance reviews to make sure your software development team is both highly dedicated to what they do and satisfied with their working conditions. 

Stage #4: Ongoing support

We provide you with the comprehensive support of your team during the whole time of collaboration with them. For them to achieve your project goals, we facilitate communication between engineers, keep an eye on deadlines, and take care of your staff retention.

Mostly, we form dedicated software teams that report to your PM. Though, if needed, we can involve our management team to help you gain better control over your developers.

A difference between a dedicated development team model or outstaffing and outsourcing

Depending on your type of business and your project, you can opt for a more relevant model of collaboration with your remote developers. Though dedicated teams, working on your software project and outstaffing model have much in common, there’s still a slight difference between them.

Dedicated software teams Outstaffing
  • Great if you need to have a team of dedicated experts to build your software
  • Perfect in case you need to expand your in-house team with a few specialists
  • Better suits short-term projects, like launching an MVP, creating an app, or designing a website
  • Ideal for long-term work on your products
  • Preferable if you don’t have a project manager and look for a full cycle of services
  • More fitting if you want to supervise and control the hired experts on your own

Of course, the fusion of the two models is applicable if you want to combine different aspects. For instance, you can get a team of dedicated developers and testers who are used to working with each other but manage them by yourself. Or you can hire a couple of specialists and opt for a separate branded workspace for them to better integrate with your company’s spirit. Whatever you need, we are always ready to discuss any tiny detail you have in mind to create the best team for you.

Need a dream team for your project? We’re here to help!

Why hiring dedicated software teams from Ukraine is a good idea

Finally, here are a few advantages of getting a team of tech professionals from Ukraine.

  • Excellent quality combined with fair prices. Ukraine is ranked among top-5 countries with the best developers worldwide. At the same time, hourly rates are significantly cheaper compared to those in Europe or the US.
  • A wide pool of experienced specialists:
      • Nearly 35.000 engineers of different specializations graduate each year from top Ukrainian universities. 
      • Currently, there are almost 190.000 IT professionals in the country.
      • 45% of them work with outsourcing agencies. 
      • 29% of developers have from 3 to 5 years of experience, 17% are engaged in the IT industry for 6-10 years, and 12% have 10+ years of background. 
      • Over 80% of them have either intermediate or upper-intermediate level of English.
  • Convenient time zone and flexible working schedule. Thanks to a minor time difference with most countries in Europe and the Middle East, hiring developers from Ukraine is specifically attractive in terms of synchronization and communication. It’s also quite easy and affordable to travel to Ukraine in case you need an onsite meeting with your experts. Upon request, your team can adapt to your time zone like it often happens to US customers.

All these preconditions combined allow to create the most productive dedicated software development team, ready to skyrocket your projects. And we know how to form one. 

Get the right people at the right time to give your project a boost. Contact us.


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